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About Membership and Full Access (Click here to Subscribe Now):

"You would be cheap at twice the price, and anyone who has ever used your services knows you're the best deal HR every got" Gayle Smith, Washington. "Thank you so much! Your information is great and easily found. I will recommend this subscription to my peers." Karen Yowler, Ohio. "I have been all over the web trying to find a definitive answer, but I should have come to you FIRST!!!!!. A subscription is worth every penny." KJT, Pennsylvania "Your service is the best!" Guy McMillan, California "I got your answers. Thank you so much. You are a godsend." Cassandra Bettencourt, Massachusetts "Thank you, I am most appreciative of your help and humor." Veronica Roth, Virginia "Your e-mail is just one more reason why my subscription to your service pays for itself. I appreciate your always up-to-date information regarding employment issues. And, as you know, I like the opportunity to 'pick your brain' (by email of course) when I have to make decisions. Thanks for the great service! MJ Dougherty, SPHR, Texas "Whew! I didn't realize I'd get a short course on labor law for my nickel...and amusing to boot!" Kim Ellington, Stephenson National Bank, Wisconsin "Thank you so much for your assistance. I appreciate your availability and speediness." Charlene Lindberg, PHR, Arizona "I am so impressed and you are so helpful." Melissa Utterback, California "Thank you for answering my question so thoroughly and responding so quickly. Much appreciated!" Barbara Greene, Axis Dental, Texas "You are too good to me! Thanks for the info. As always, I appreciate it." Sara Galbraith, Oregon "You just saved me a bundle. I think I love you." Jannie Watson, Austin, Texas

About Labor Pains (Click here to order in .pdf format):

"Labor Pains made even the most obtuse employee relations laws and regulations understandable. Congratulations!" S. Statham, President, American Broadcasters Association, California "You would be cheap at twice the price, and anyone who has ever used your services knows you're the best deal HR ever got. Labor Pains and your subscriptions are truly invaluable tools." G. Smyth, MDynamics, Illinois. "I loved the Q&A format. Easy to absorb and full of humor. You squeezed a lemon into lemonade." R. Lenz, President, Valley Mortgage Company, Illinois "This book is an absolute must for any employer or manager." F. J. Vallese, Managing Director, ElectroPhysics Corp., New Jersey "Labor Pains has easily explained the maze of human resources and in a format which be easily understood." Beth Bega, Multi-Family Builders, Georgia "Hi! Just wanted you to know that I am REALLY using the book - lots of things that I didn't know. Almost have the employee handbook finished - thanks to your book and subscription!" Jennia Bressler, Nebraska "If Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes ever decides to retire, you could easily step behind his desk and the country wouldn't miss a beat! I thoroughly enjoy your reality perspective!" Linda Pappajohn, Delaware "If Congress could make laws as understandable as you explain them, my working days would be so much more pleasant." Joan Jablonski, Pennsylvania

"I recently purchased a copy of Labor Pains from you. While I have to admit to owning various (probably too many) publications and volumes relating to labor and employment law, I have to say that your book came as a refreshing addition to my collection. The medium you use to address specific issues and laws is easy reading in comparison to the usual page after page of monotonous text. The questions are relevant and the answers informative, not to mention humorous in places. I know that I have learned a great deal from reading your book, and I look forward to using it as a continuous reference. Congratulations and thank you" Chris Floyd, Manager of Human Resources, Cellular One, West Virginia

About the Bulletproof Employee Handbook and Our Services (Click here to get details about the handbook):

"Ms. ----, A few years ago I purchased another employee handbook off the internet (ABR). During it's use we lost two employee claims simply because of it's poor wording and failure to comply with current laws. While impressive in size (300 pages), the content failed completely, actually causing problems in lieu of stopping them. It was during those claims when I first contacted Mr. Winning. The Bulletproof Employee Handbook is clear, concise and easy to understand. It follows the concept of less being better, allowing the employer greater flexibility by NOT trying to put every single thing in writing. Additionally, our employees found the writing style to be very easy to understand and easy to reference. What I feel is the single most valuable component of the Bulletproof Employee handbook is not the handbook at all, but Mr. Winning himself. Retaining Mr. Winning as a consultant, in conjunction with his employee handbook, has been the best investment I've made in years. You don't get this kind of support from any other Internet or off-the- shelf employee handbook and the cost is nothing when compared to the benefit. I hope this is helpful. No, I'm not compensated by Mr. Winning. I pay him, and am happy to do so." Jim Buchanan Jr. President Buchanan Company Inc., California

"Thank you for the Handbook. We are very pleased with the style, content, and protection it offers us." Tom Fox, MTF Engineering, Oklahoma "We are very happy to have run across your Bulletproof Employee Handbook. It's saved us a tremendous amount of time, trouble, and money. Well worth what we paid." Frank Granados, Georgia

Ordering From This Site: If you subscribe to or purchase a copy of Labor Pains in .pdf format to be emailed to you, please remember that we are on Pacific time. You may well be purchasing during non- business hours. However, rest assured that your order will be filled as soon we can.


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