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As stated in the article, "The Many Uses of Job Descriptions," writing job descriptions is one of the most important processes that any business establishes. It is also one of the most tedious, but one which must be done with care in order to reach the goals of equity and consistency. And because job descriptions must be updated more frequently in today's high tech world, it is not a one-shot deal, but a process which must keep up with ever-changing responsibilities and skills necessary to perform the job.

The first step is to gather the information. Many managers make the mistake of writing the job descriptions for all the positions reporting to him or her, a mistake because too often no input is received from the incumbent. There is quite a bit of information over and above basic responsibilities that one can gather by having incumbents fill out the Job Description Questionnaire (which follows). Of course, if you're a subscriber to, you can make the process a lot easier because you can request a job description from our database.


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The following Job Description Questionnaire is used for both exempt and nonexempt employees.





The following information will be used to help develop a position description for your position. Please complete the form giving as much detail as possible and return it to the VP, Operations.

1. Summarize your major responsibilities. Why does your job exist? (List as many as you can.)


2. List the regular duties for whioch you have


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